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The Alluvial Lands Act, 1920

( ACT NO. V OF 1920 )

List of claimants
1[4A.(1) When the Collector has attached any alluvial land under section 3, he shall as soon as possible issue a notice in the prescribed manner calling upon all persons claiming title to any part of such land to file statements specifying their claims and the grounds thereof, and the name and jurisdiction number of the village and the tauzi number of the estate to which they allege that the land appertains.
If any of the aforesaid claimants is not a proprietor of such estate, he shall also mention in the statement the name of the landlord under whom he holds the land, the area and the rent of his tenancy and such other particulars as may be necessary to elucidate his claim.
If the land is included in a map as prepared or a record-of-rights as finally published 2[* * *], the claimant shall also mention the particulars of the khatians and plot numbers necessary to identify the land in the map or record-of-rights.
(2) On receipt of a statement of claim referred to in sub-section (1) the Collector shall examine the claim and call for such further particulars, if any, as he considers necessary, and shall, if he is satisfied that the claim is bona fide, enter the name of the claimant in the list of claimants. The Collector may exclude from the said list the name of any claimant who fails to supply any of the required particulars. If any part of the attached land is claimed 3[by the Government], the Collector shall 4[include the Government] in the said list of claimants.
(3) An application for inclusion in the list of claimants by a person with whom any of the land has been settled or resettled during the period of attachment shall not be considered unless it alleges a title independent of such settlement or resettlement.]

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