1The Police Act, 1861

( ACT NO. V OF 1861 )

2♣An Act for the Regulation of Police.
WHEREAS it is expedient to re-organize the police and to make it a more efficient instrument for the prevention and detection of crime; It is enacted as follows:-



1. Interpretation-clause

2. Constitution of the force

2A.General police districts

2B.Appointing persons to exercise powers of Inspector General

2C.Police establishment in every district deemed to be one police force

2D.Members enrolled or appointed to one general police-district may be employed to other general police-district

3. Superintendence in the Government

4. Inspector-General of Police, etc.

4A. Additional Inspector-General of Police, etc.

5. Powers of Inspector-General Exercise of powers

6. [Repealed]

7. Appointment, dismissal, etc., of inferior officers

8. Certificates to police-officers

Surrender of certificate

9. Police-officer not to resign without leave or two months’ notice

10. Police-officers not to engage in other employment

11. [Repealed]

12. Power of Inspector-General to make rules

13. Additional Police-officers employed at cost of individuals

14. Appointment of additional force in the neighbourhood of railway and other works

14A. Embodiment of Railway Watch and Ward into Police Force

15. Quartering of additional police in disturbed or dangerous districts

15A. Awarding compensation to sufferers from misconduct of inhabitants or person interested in land

16. Recovery of moneys payable under sections 13, 14, 15 and 15A, and disposal of same when recovered

17. Special police-officers

18. Powers of special police-officers

19. Refusal to serve as special police-officers

20. Authority to be exercised by police-officers

21. [Omitted]

22. Police-officers always on duty and may be employed in any part of district

23. Duties of police-officers

24. Police-officers may lay information, etc.

25. Police-officers to take charge of unclaimed property, and be subject to Magistrate’s orders as to disposal

26. Magistrate may detain property and issue proclamation

27. Confiscation of property if no claimant appears

28. Persons refusing to deliver up certificate, etc., on ceasing to be police-officers

29. Penalties for neglect of duty, etc.

30. Regulation of public assemblies and processions, and licensing of same

Music in the streets

30A. Powers with regard to assemblies and processions violating condition of license

31. Police to keep order in public roads, etc.

32. Penalty for disobeying orders issued under last three sections, etc.

33. Saving of control of Magistrate of district

34. Punishment for certain offences on roads, etc. Power of police- officers

Slaughtering cattle, furious riding, etc.

Cruelty to animals

Obstructing passengers.

Exposing goods for sale

Throwing dirt into street

Being found drunk or riotous

Indecent exposure of person

Neglect to protect dangerous places

34A. Prohibition to sell tickets, etc.

35. Jurisdiction

36. Power to prosecute under other law not affected

37. Recovery of penalties and fines imposed by Magistrates

38-41. [Repealed]

42. Limitation of actions

Tender of amends

43. Plea that act was done under warrant

44. Police-officers to keep dairy

45. Government may prescribe form of returns

46. Scope of Act

47. [Omitted]