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The Boilers Act, 1923

( ACT NO. V OF 1923 )

7.(1) The owner of any boiler which is not registered under the provisions of this Act may apply to the Inspector to have the boiler registered. Every such application shall be accompanied by the prescribed fee.
(2) On receipt of an application under sub-section (1), the Inspector shall fix a date, within thirty days or such shorter period as may be prescribed from the date of the receipt, for the examination of the boiler as shall give the owner thereof not less than ten days' notice of the date so fixed.
(3) On the said date the Inspector shall proceed to measure and examine the boiler and to determine in the prescribed manner the maximum pressure, if any, at which such boiler may be used, and shall report the result of the examination to the Chief Inspector in the prescribed form.
(4) The Chief Inspector, on receipt of the report, may-
(a) register the boiler and assign a register number thereto either forthwith or after satisfying himself that any structural alteration, addition or renewal which he may deem necessary has been made in or to the boiler or any steam-pipe attached thereto, or
(b) refuse to register the boiler:
Provided that where the Chief Inspector refuses to resister a boiler, he shall forthwith communicate his refusal to the owner of the boiler together with the reasons therefor.
(5) The Chief Inspector shall, on registering the boiler, order the issue to the owner of a certificate in the prescribed form authorising the use of the boiler for a period not exceeding twelve months at a pressure not exceeding such maximum pressure as he thinks fit and as is in accordance with the regulations made under this Act:
Provided that a certificate issued under this sub-section in respect of an economiser may authorise its use for a period not exceeding twenty-four months.
(6) The Inspector shall forthwith convey to the owner of the boiler the orders of the Chief Inspector and shall in accordance therewith issue to the owner any certificate of which the issue has been ordered, and, where the boiler has been registered, the owners shall within the prescribed period cause the register number to be permanently marked thereon in the prescribed manner.

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