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1The Stage-Carriages Act, 1861

( ACT NO. XVI OF 1861 )

Penalty for not conforming to provisions of section 5
11. In any station or place in which a Magistrate shall reside and be, any police-officer may, in any place within two miles of the office of such Magistrate, seize any stage-carriage with the horse harnessed thereto, if the full particulars of the license of such stage-carriage be not distinctly painted on such stage-carriage in the manner provided in section 5 of this Act.
Such carriage with the horse harnessed thereto shall be taken without delay by such police-officer before such Magistrate, who shall forthwith proceed to hear and determine the complaint of such police-officer; and, if thereupon any fine is imposed by such Magistrate and such fine is paid, such stage-
carriage and horse shall be immediately released; and if such fine be not paid, such stage-carriage and horse may be detained for twenty days as security for the payment thereof; and if the fine be not sooner paid, they may be sold and the proceeds applied (so far as they extend) to the payment of the said fine, and all costs and charges incurred on account of the detention and sale; and the surplus (if any),when claimed, shall be paid to the proprietor of such carriage and horse; and if such surplus be not claimed within a further period of two months from such sale, the same shall be forfeited to the State.
If the proceeds of such sale do not fully pay the fine and costs and charges aforesaid, the balance may be recovered as hereinafter provided.

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    Throughout this Act, except otherwise provided, the words “Bangladesh”, “Government” and “taka” were substituted, for the words “Pakistan”, “Provincial Government” and “rupees” respectively by section 3 and 2nd Schedule of the Bangladesh Laws (Revision And Declaration) Act, 1973 (Act No. VIII of 1973).
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