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In what case Judge may appoint Administrator for care and management of estate of intestate

5. In the event of none of the claimants to the estate of a person dying intestate being able to give the security required by the preceding section, and in all cases wherein there may be no person authorised and willing to take charge of the landed estate of a person deceased, the Judge within whose jurisdiction such estate may be  situated (or in which the deceased may have resided, or the principle part of the estate may lie, in the event of its being situated within two or more jurisdictions) is authorised to appoint an administrator for the due care and management of such estate, until, in the former case, the suit depending between the several claimants shall have been determined, or in the latter case until the legal heir to the estate, or other person entitled to receive charge thereof as executor, administrator or otherwise, shall attend and claim the same; when, if the Judge be satisfied that the claim is well-founded, or if the same be established after any inquiry that may appear necessary, the administrator appointed by the Court shall deliver over the estate to him, with a full and just account of all receipts and disbursements during the period of his administration.

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