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Procedure cases of persons dying intestate, leaving personal property to which there is no claimant

7. The Judges of the Zila Courts on receiving information that any person within  their respective jurisdictions has died intestate, leaving personal property, and that there is no claimant to such property, are to adopt such measures as may be necessary for the temporary care of the property, and to issue an advertisement in the current languages of the country requiring the heir of the deceased, or any person entitled to receive charge of his effects, to attend for this purpose. Such advertisement to be published on the spot where the property was found, at the Diwani Adalat cutcherry of the Zila, and if ascertainable, at the dwelling place of the deceased; after whish, should any person attend and satisfy the Judge of his title to the property, or to receive charge thereof as executor, administrator or otherwise, the same is to be delivered up to him, on repayment of any necessary expense incurred in the care of it.


Should no claim be preferred within the twelve months next ensuing, an inventory of the property and report of the circumstances of the case is to be transmitted to the [Government], for its orders.

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