1The Cantonments Act, 1924

( ACT NO. II OF 1924 )


10. Cantonment Board and Executive Officer

11. Incorporation of Cantonment Board

12. Appointment of Executive Officer

13. Classification of Cantonments

13A. Constitution of Cantonment Boards

14. Power to vary constitution of Boards in special circum-stances

16-17. [Omitted]

15. Term of office of members

18. Oath or affirmation

19. Resignation

20. President and Vice-President

21. Term of office of Vice-President

22. Duties of President

23. Duties of Vice-President

24. Duties of the Executive Officer


26-31. [Omitted]


25. Special power of the Executive Officer


32. Member not to vote on matter in which he is interested

33. Liability of members

34. Removal of members

35. Consequences of removal


36A. Cantonment servant to be deemed a public servant

36. Disqualification of person as servant of Board


37. Meetings

38. Business to be transacted

39. Quorum

40. Presiding officer

41. Minutes

42. Meetings to be public

43. Method of deciding questions

43A. Committees for Bazars

44. Power to make regulations

45A. Report on administration

45. Joint action with other local authority


46. Power of Government to require production of documents

47. Inspection

48. Power to call for documents

49. Power to require execution of work, etc.

50. Power to Provide for enforcement of direction under section 49

51. Power to override decision of Board

52. Power of Officer Commanding-in-Chief, the Command, on reference under section 51 or otherwise

53. Powers of Government on a reference made under section 51

54. Supersession of Board

Validity of Proceedings

55. Validity of proceedings, etc.

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