1The Cantonments Act, 1924

( ACT NO. II OF 1924 )

Entry and Inspection

241. Powers of entry

242. Powers of inspection by member of a Board

243. Power of inspection, etc.

244. Power to enter land adjoining land where work is in progress

245. Breaking into premises

246. Entry to be made in the day time

247. Owner's consent ordinarily to be obtained

248. Regard to be had to social and religious usages

249. Penalty for obstruction

Powers and Duties of Police Officers

250. Arrest without warrant

251. Duties of police officers


252. Notices to fix reasonable time

253. Authentication and validity of notices issued by Board.

254. Service of notice, etc.

255. Method of giving notice

256. Powers of Board in case of noncompliance with notice, etc.

Recovery of Money

257. Liability of occupier to pay in default of owner

258. Relief to agents and trustees

259. Method of recovery

Committees of Arbitration

260. Application for a Committee of Arbitration

261. Procedure for convening Committee of Arbitration

262. Constitution of Committee of Arbitration

263. No person to be nominated who has direct interest or whose services are not immediately available

264. Meetings and powers of Committees of Arbitration

265. Decisions of Committees of Arbitration


266. Prosecution

267. Composition of offence

General Penalty Provisions

268. General penalty

269. Cancellation and suspension of licences

270. Recovery of amount payable in respect of damage to cantonment property


271. Limitation for prosecution


272. Protection of Board, Executive Officer, etc.

273. Notice to be given of suits

Appeals and Revision

274. Appeals from executive orders

275. Petition of appeal

276. Suspension of action pending appeal

277. Revision

278. Finality of appellate orders

279. Right of appellant to be heard

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