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1The Cantonments Act, 1924

( ACT NO. II OF 1924 )

Chapter X


Prevention of Infectious, or Contagious Diseases

Special measures in case of outbreak of infectious or epidemic diseases
151.(1) In the event of a cantonment being visited or threatened by an outbreak of any infectious or contagious disease among the inhabitants thereof or of any epidemic disease among any animals therein, the Officer Commanding-in-Chief, the Command, if he thinks that the provisions of this Act or of any law for the time being in force in the cantonment are insufficient for the purpose, may, with the previous sanction of the Government,-
(a) take such special measures, and
(b) by public notice, make such temporary regulations to be observed by the public or by any class or section of the public,
as he thinks necessary to prevent the outbreak or the spread of the disease:
Provided that, where in the opinion of the Officer Commanding-in-Chief, the Command immediate measures are necessary, he may take action without such sanction as aforesaid and, if he does so, shall forthwith report such action to the Government.
(2) Whoever commits a breach of any temporary regulation made under sub-section (1) shall be deemed to have committed an offence under section 188 of the Penal Code.

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    Throughout this Act, except otherwise provided, the words "Bangladesh", Government", "Penal Code" and "Taka" were substituted, for the words "Pakistan", "Central Government", "Pakistan Penal Code" and "rupee" or "rupees" respectively by the Bangladesh Laws (Revision And Declaration) Act, 1973 (Act No. VIII of 1973), section 3 and 2nd Schedule
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