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The Lighthouse Act, 1927

( ACT NO. XVII OF 1927 )


Control of local lighthouses by the Government
7. (1) If, after an inspection under section 6 or such other inquiry as it thinks fit, the Government is satisfied that a direction under this sub-section is necessary or expedient for the safety, or otherwise in the interests, of shipping, it may direct any local lighthouse authority-
(a) to remove or discontinue or to refrain from moving or discontinuing any lighthouse under its superintend-dence and management or to make or refrain from making any variation in the character or mode of use of any such lighthouse, or
(b) to erect, or maintain, or to refrain from erecting, placing or maintaining, any lighthouse within the local limits within the local lighthouse authority exercises its powers.
(2) A local lighthouse authority shall not erect, place, remove or discontinue any lighthouse or vary the character or mode of use of any lighthouse, unless it has given to the Government at least one month's notice in writing of its intention so to do:
Provided that, in cases of emergency, a local lighthouse authority may take such action as it deems necessary and shall give immediate notice of the same to the Government and, so far as is possible, to all shipping approaching or in the vicinity of the lighthouse.
(3) If a local lighthouse authority-
(a) fails to comply with any direction made under sub-section (1), or
(b) fails to exercise or perform, or exercise or perform in an improper, inefficient or unsuitable manner, any power or duty relating to the superintendence or management of lighthouses conferred or imposed upon it by or under any law for the time being in force, or
(c) fails to make adequate financial provision for the performance of any such duty,
the Government may, by order in writing require the local lighthouse authority to comply with the direction, or to make arrangement to the satisfaction of the Government for the proper exercise of the power or performance of the duty, or to make financial provision to the satisfaction of the Government for the performance of the duty, as the case may be, within such period as the Government may specify.
(4) If the local lighthouse authority fails to comply with an order made under sub-section (3) within the specified period or within such further time as the Government may allow the Government may exercise the power or perform the duty or make the requisite financial provision, as the case may be, and the local lighthouse authority shall be liable to repay to the Government any expenditure incurred by it in so doing.

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