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The Borstal Schools Act, 1928

( ACT NO. I OF 1928 )

Power to release on license
12. (1) Subject to the prescribed conditions, the Inspector-General may, on the recommendation of the Visiting Committee, at any time after the expiration of six month from the commencement of the detention of an adolescent offender in a Borstal school, if he is satisfied that there is a reasonable probability that the adolescent offender will abstain from crime and lead a useful and industrious life, discharge him from the Borstal school and grant him a written license in the prescribed form and on the prescribed conditions permitting him to live under the supervision and authority of such-
(a) Officer of Government,
(b) secular institution,
(c) religious society, or
(d) responsible person,
as may be approved by the Inspector-General and willing to take charge of the adolescent offender:
Provided that if in any case the Inspector-General does not accept the recommendation of the Visiting Committee under this sub-section, he shall report to the Government his reasons for not accepting the recommendation:
Provided also that no adolescent offender shall be permitted by license to leave under the supervision and authority of a religious society professing a religion other than the religion of the adolescent offender except with his consent or that of his guardian, if any.
(2) A license under this section shall be in force until the expiry of the term for which the adolescent offender was ordered to be detained in a Borstal School, unless sooner revoked or forfeited.
(3) The period during which an adolescent offender is absent from a Borstal school during the continuance of a license granted to him under this section shall, for the purposes of computing his term of detention in such school, be deemed to be part of that detention.

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