The Drugs Act, 1940

( ACT NO. XXIII OF 1940 )

এই আইন ঔষধ ও কসমেটিকস্ আইন, ২০২৩ ( ২০২৩ সনের ২৯ নং আইন ) দ্বারা রহিত করা হইয়াছে।

An Act to regulate the import, export, manufacture, distribution and sale of drugs.♣

WHEREAS it is expedient to regulate the import into, export from, and the manufacture, distribution and sale in, Bangladesh of drugs;
[* * *]
It is hereby enacted as follows:-



1. Short title, extent and commencement

2. Application of other laws not barred

3. Definitions

4. Presumption as to poisonous substances

5. The Drugs Technical Advisory Board

6. The Central Drugs Laboratory

7. [Omitted.]

8. Standards of quality

9. Misbranded drugs

10. Prohibition of import of certain drugs

11. Application of law relating to sea customs and powers of Customs officers

12. Power of Government to make rules

13. Offences

14. Confiscation

15. Jurisdiction

15A. Prohibition of Export of drugs without licence

15B. Power of Government to make rules

15C. Penalty

16. Standards of quality

17. Misbranded drugs

18. Prohibition of manufacture and sale of certain drugs

19. Pleas

20.Government Analysts

21. Inspectors

22. Powers of Inspectors

23. Procedure of Inspectors

24. Persons bound to disclose place where drugs are manufactured or kept

25. Reports of Government Analysts

26. Purchaser of drug enabled to obtain test or analysis

27. Penalty for manufacture, sale, etc., of drugs in contravention of this Chapter

28. Penalties for giving false warranty or misuse of warranty

29. Penalty for use of Government Analyst’s report for advertising

30. Penalty for subsequent offences

31. Confiscation

32. Cognizance of offences

33. Power of Government to make rules

34. [Omitted.]

35. Sale of patent or proprietory medicines or pharmaceutical specialities

36. Prohibition to sell drugs in public streets, etc.

37. Penalty

38. Offences by Companies, etc.

39. Powers to try offence summarily

40. Special provision regarding imprisonment and fine

41. Protection to persons acting under this Act