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The Drugs Act, 1940

( ACT NO. XXIII OF 1940 )

Chapter III


Prohibition of import of certain drugs
10. From such date as may be fixed by the Government by notification in the official Gazette in this behalf, no person shall import
(a) any drug which is not of standard quality;
(b) any misbranded drug;
(c) any drug for the import of which a licence is prescribed, otherwise than under, and in accordance with, such licence;
(d) any patent or proprietary medicine, unless there is displayed in the prescribed manner on the label or container thereof either the true formula or list of ingredients contained in it in a manner readily intelligible to members of the medical profession;
(e) any drug which by means of any statement, design or device accompanying it or by any other means, purports or claims to cure or mitigate any such disease or ailment, or to have any such other effect, as may be prescribed;
(f) any drug the import of which is prohibited by rule made under this Chapter:
Provided that nothing in this section shall apply to the import, subject to prescribed conditions, of small quantities of any drug for the purpose of examination, test or analysis or for personal use:
Provided further that the Government may, after consultation with the Board, by notification in the official Gazette, permit, subject to any conditions specified in the notification, the import of any drug or class of drugs not being of standard quality.
Explanation. The formula or list of ingredients mentioned in clause (d) shall be deemed to be true and a sufficient compliance with that sub clause if, without disclosing a full and detailed recipe of the ingredients, it indicates correctly all potent or poisonous substances contained therein together with an approximate statement of the composition of the medicine.

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