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The Industrial Statistics Act, 1942

( ACT NO. XIX OF 1942 )


8. If any person required to furnish any information or any return-


(a) wilfully refuses or without lawful excuse neglects to furnish such information or return as required under this Act, or


(b) wilfully furnishes or causes to be furnished any information or return which he knows to be false, or


(c) refuses to answer or wilfully gives a false answer to any question necessary for obtaining any information required to be furnished under this Act,


or if any person impedes the right of access to relevant records and documents or the right of entry conferred by section 6, he shall for each such offence be punishable with fine which may extend to five hundred Taka, and in the case of a continuing offence with a further fine which may extend to two hundred Taka for each day after the first during which the offence continues; and in respect of false information, returns or answers the offence shall be deemed to continue until true information or a true return or answer has been given or made.

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