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The Criminal Law Amendment Ordinance, 1944

( Ordinance NO. XXXVIII OF 1944 )

Ad interim attachment
4. (1) Upon receipt of an application under section 3, the District Judge shall, unless for reasons to be recorded in writing he is of opinion that there exist no prima facie grounds for believing that the person in respect of whom the application is made has committed any scheduled offence or that he has procured thereby any money or other property, pass without delay an ad interim order attaching the money or other property alleged to have been so procured, or if it transpires that such money or other property is not available for attachment, such other property of the said person of equivalent value as the District Judge may think fit:
Provided that the District Judge may if he thinks fit before passing such order, and shall before refusing to pass such order, examine the person or persons making the affidavits accompanying the application.
(2) At the same time as he passes an order under sub section (1), the District Judge shall issue to the person whose money or other property is being attached a notice, accompanied by copies of the order, the application and affidavits and of the evidence, if any, recorded, calling upon him to show cause on a date to be specified in the notice why the order of attachment should not be made absolute.
(3) The District Judge shall also issue notices, accompanied by copies of the documents accompanying the notice under sub-section (2), to all persons represented to him as having, or being likely to claim, any interest or title in the property of the person to whom notice is issued under the said sub section, calling upon each such person to appear on the same date as that specified in the notice under the said sub section and make objection if he so desires to the attachment of the property or any portion thereof on the ground that he has an interest in such property or portion thereof.
(4) Any other person claiming an interest in the attached property or any portion thereof may, notwithstanding that no notice has been served upon him under this section, make an objection as aforesaid to the District Judge at any time before an order is passed under sub section (1) or sub section (3), as the case may be, of section 5.

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