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The Criminal Law Amendment Ordinance, 1944

( Ordinance NO. XXXVIII OF 1944 )

Investigation of objections to attachment
5. (1) If no cause is shown and no objections are made under section 4 on or before the specified date, the District Judge shall forthwith pass an order making the ad interim order of attachment absolute.
(2) If cause is shown or any objections are made as aforesaid, the District Judge shall proceed to investigate the same, and in so doing, as regards the examination of the parties and in all other respects he shall, subject to the provisions of this Ordinance, follow the procedure and exercise all the powers of a Court in hearing a suit under the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908; and any person making an objection under section 4 shall be required to adduce evidence to show that at the date of the attachment he had some interest in the property attached.
(3) After investigation under sub section (2), the District Judge shall pass an order either making the ad interim order of attachment absolute or varying it by releasing a portion of the property from attachment or withdrawing the order:
Provided that the District Judge shall not-
(a) release from attachment any interest which he is satisfied that the person believed to have committed a scheduled offence has in the property, unless he is also satisfied that there will remain under attachment an amount of the said person's property of value not less than that of the property believed to have been procured by the said person by means of the offence, or
(b) withdraw the order of attachment unless he is satisfied that the said person has not by means of the said offence procured any money or other property.

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