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1The Cattle-trespass Act, 1871

( ACT NO. I Of 1871 )

Chapter VI


Penalty for damage caused to land or crops or public roads by pigs
26. Any owner or keeper of pigs who, through neglect or otherwise, damages or causes or permits to be damaged any land, or any crop or produce of land, or any public road, by allowing such pigs to trespass thereon, shall, on conviction before a Magistrate, be punished with fine not exceeding ten Taka.
The Government, by notification in the official Gazette, may from time to time, with respect to any local area specified in the notification, direct that the foregoing portion of this section shall be read as if it had reference to cattle generally, or to cattle of a kind described in the notification, instead of to pigs only, or as if the words “fifty taka" were substituted for the words “ten taka" or as if there were both such reference and such substitution.

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    Throughout this Act, except otherwise provided, the words “Government” and “Taka” were substituted, for the words “Provincial Government” and “rupees” respectively by section 3 and 2nd Schedule of the Bangladesh Laws (Revision And Declaration) Act, 1973 (Act No. VIII of 1973)
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