1The Evidence Act, 1872

( ACT NO. I OF 1872 )

56. Fact judicially noticeable need not be proved

57. Facts of which Court must take judicial notice

58. Facts admitted need not be proved

59. Proof of facts by oral evidence

60. Oral evidence must be direct

61. Proof of contents of documents

62. Primary evidence

63. Secondary evidence

64. Proof of documents by primary evidence

65. Cases in which secondary evidence relating to documents may be given

65A. Special provisions as to evidence relating to digital record

65B. Admissibility of Digital Records

66. Rules as to notice to produce

67. Proof of signature and handwriting of person alleged to have signed or written document produced

67A. Proof as to digital signature

68. Proof of execution of document required by law to be attested

69. Proof where no attesting witness found

70. Admission of execution by party to attested document

71. Proof when attesting witness denies the execution

72. Proof of document not required by law to be attested

73. Comparison of signature, writing or seal with others, admitted or proved

73A. Proof as to verification of digital signature

73B. Comparison of physical or forensic evidence with others, admitted or proved

74. Public documents

75. Private documents

76. Certified copies of public documents

77. Proof of documents by production of certified copies

78. Proof of other official documents

79. Presumption as to genuineness of certified copies

80. Presumption as to documents produced as record of evidence

81. [Omitted]

81A. Presumption as to Gazettes in digital forms

82. Presumption as to document admissible in England without proof of seal or signature

83. Presumption as to maps or plans made by authority of Government

84. Presumption as to collections of laws and reports of decisions

85. Presumption as to powers-of-attorney

85A. Presumption as to agreements in digital forms

85B. Presumption as to digital record and digital signatures

85C. Presumption as to Digital Signature Certificates

86. Presumption as to certified copies of foreign judicial records

87. Presumption as to books, maps and charts

88. Presumption as to telegraphic messages

88A. Presumption as to digital communication

89. Presumption as to due execution, etc., of documents not produced

89A. Presumption as to physical or forensic evidence

90. Presumption as to documents thirty years old

90A. Presumption as to digital records five years old

91. Evidence of terms of contracts, grants and other dispositions of property reduced to form of document

92. Exclusion of evidence of oral agreement

93. Exclusion of evidence to explain or amend ambiguous document

94. Exclusion of evidence against application of document of existing facts

95. Evidence as to document unmeaning in reference to existing facts

96. Evidence as to application of language which can apply to one only of several persons

97. Evidence as to application of language to one of two sets of facts, to neither of which the whole correctly applies

98. Evidence as to meaning of illegible characters, etc.

99. Who may give evidence of agreement varying terms of document

100. Saving of provisions of Succession Act relating to wills

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