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1The Evidence Act, 1872

( ACT NO. I OF 1872 )

Chapter II


When facts not otherwise relevant become relevant
11. Facts not otherwise relevant are relevant–
(1) If they are inconsistent with any fact in issue or relevant fact;
(2) If by themselves or in connection with other facts they make the existence or non-existence of any fact in issue or relevant fact highly probable or improbable.
(a) The question is whether A committed a crime at Chittagong on a certain day.
The fact that, on that day, A was at 2[Dhaka] is relevant.
The fact that, near the time when the crime was committed, A was at a distance from the place where it was committed, which would render it highly improbable, though not impossible, that he committed it, is relevant.
(b) The question is, whether A committed a crime.
The circumstances are such that the crime must have been committed either by A, B, C or D. Every fact which shows that the crime could have been committed by no one else and that it was not committed by either B, C or D, is relevant.

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