The State Acquisition and Tenancy Act, 1950 (East Bengal Act)

( ACT NO. XXVIII OF 1951 )

79. Commencement of this Part

80. Repeal

81. Class of agricultural tenants and regulation of their rights and liabilities

81A. Rights and liabilities of non-agricultural tenants

81B. Registration of lease deed

82. Interpretation

83. Rights of raiyat in respect of use of land

84. Devolution of holding on the death of a raiyat

85. Ground for eviction of raiyats

86. Abatement of rent on account of diluvion and determination of right in land re-appeared on account of alluvion

86A. Bar on suits, etc, for certain period

87. Rights in land gained by accession from recess of river or sea

88. Transferability of holding of raiyats

89. Manner of transfer

90. Limitation of transfer of holding

91. Power of acquiring excess land devolved by inheritance

92. Extinguishment of interest of raiyats in certain cases

93. Restrictions on subletting

94. Transfer of encumbrances in certain cases

95. Limitation on mortgage of raiyat holdings

95A. Treatment of certain transaction as usufructuary mortgage

96. Right of pre-emption

97. Restriction on alienation of land by aboriginals

Chapter XIV


98. Revision of rents or raiyats and non-agricultural tenants

98A. Assessment or re-assessment of rent in certain cases

99. Order for determination of rent-rates and preparation of settlement rent-roll

100. Procedure in determining rent-rates

101. Preliminary and final publication of table of rent-rates and its confirmation by the prescribed superior Revenue Authority

102. Rate shown in the table to be the maximum rate

103. Particulars to form parts of record-of-rights

104. Duration of rent-rates

105. Grounds of and limits to enhancement of rent

106A. Grounds for reduction of rent

106. Grounds for reduction of rent

107. Settlement of fair and equitable rents

108. Preliminary publication and amendment of settlement rent-roll

109. Sanctioning final public of the settlement rent-roll and in corporation of the same in the record-of-rights

110. Appeal to and revision by superior Revenue Authority

111A. Correction of Mistakes and making alteration in rent-roll

111. Appeal to the Special Judge

112. Presumption to rents settled under this Chapter

113. Date from which settlement takes effect

114. Period for which rent as settled is to remain unaltered

115. Bar to jurisdiction of Civil Court

116. Amalgamation of holdings of a tenant in the same village

117. Subdivision of holding and restrictions thereon

118. [Omitted.]

119. Persons entitled to apply for consolidation of holding

120. Admission of application

121. Confirmation of agreed schemes for consolidation

122. Preparation of a scheme for consolidation and appointment of Advisory Committee

123. Draft publication of the scheme and hearing of objections

124. Appeals

125. Final confirmation of the scheme

126. Modification of the village record-of-rights on confirmation of the scheme and the date from which the scheme takes effect

127. Demarcation of the boundaries of holdings

128. Effect of final confirmation of scheme for consolidation and the rights of raiyats thereunder

129. Encumbrances on land included in the scheme for consolidation

130. No instrument necessary to effect transfer

131. Transfer of holding during the pendency of the proceedings for consolidation

132. Recovery of the cost of consolidation proceedings

133. Recovery of compensation as arrears of public demand

134. Bar to jurisdiction of Civil Courts

134A. Special provision for the district of Dinajpur

135. Instalment of rent

136. Time and place for payment of rent

137. Appropriation of payments

138. Raiyat making payment of his rent entitled to a receipt

139. Liability of holding to sale for arrears

140. Interest on arrears

141. Realisation of arrears of rent under the Bengal Public Demands Recovery Act, 1913

141A. Amounts paid into court to prevent Sale to be a mortgage demand in certain cases

142. Limitation

143A. [Omitted.]

143B. Correction of the Record-of Rights upon inheritance

143. Maintenance of the record-of-rights

143C. Procedure for Correction of the Record-of-Rights

144A. Presumption as to correctness of record of rights

144. Revision of the record-of-rights

144B. Bar to jurisdiction of civil court

145. Recovery of the cost of revision of record-of-rights


145E. Finality of Tribunals decisions and orders

145F. Bar to jurisdiction of Civil Courts

145G. Power to abolish Tribunals, etc.

145H. Overriding effect

145I. Rule making power

145B. Land Survey Appellate Tribunal

145A. Land Survey Tribunal

145D. Powers and procedure of Tribunals

146. Superintendence and control over Revenue-officers

147. Appeals

148. Limitation for appeals

149. Revision

150. Review by Revenue-officer

151. Computation of the period of limitation for appeals, applications for revision and review under this Act

151B. Re-assessment of rent on land exempted from payment thereof under section 151A

151A. Exemption of rent in respect of certain land

151G. Compulsory submission of statement by head of the family acquiring land in certain cases

151H. Penalty for non-submission of statement or wilful suppression of land

151C. Exemption of land revenue in respect of agricultural land in certain cases

151D. Compulsory filing of statements by heads of families holding more than twenty-five bighas of agricultural land

151E. Penalty for non-submission of statements or wilful supression of land

151F. Liability of exempted holdings for re-assessment in certain cases

151I. Exemption from payment of land revenue in case of decrease in area

151J. Definition of family and head of family

152. Power to make rules

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