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The State Acquisition and Tenancy Act, 1950 (East Bengal Act)

( ACT NO. XXVIII OF 1951 )

Chapter V


Preliminary publication of Compensation Assessment-roll
40. (1) After the amount of compensation to be payable in respect of the acquisition of the interests of rent-receivers and of the acquisition of the khas lands of rent-receivers, cultivating raiyats, cultivating under-raiyats and non-agricultural tenants, which are to be acquired under this Chapter or have been acquired under Chapter II, has been determined in accordance with the provisions of sections 37, 38 and 39, the Revenue-officer shall prepare the Compensation Assessment-roll under section 33; and when such roll has been prepared, the Revenue-officer shall cause a draft of it to be published in the prescribed manner and for the prescribed period which shall not be less than thirty days and shall receive and consider any objection which may be made to any entry therein or to any omission therefrom during the period of publication and shall dispose of such objections according to such rules as the Government may make in this behalf:
Provided that no objection shall be made under this section-
(i) by any person who does not claim any title to any compensation entered in the draft Compensation Assessment-roll, or
(ii) to the amount of any rent entered in such roll which has been determined under section 5 or under Chapter IV or under sub-section (2) or section 46A.
(2) Separate draft Compensation Assessment-rolls may be prepared and published under sub-section (1) for different villages or groups of villages in the district, part of a district or local area or for one or more persons having interests in different areas in respect of which a record-of-rights has been prepared or revised and finally published under Chapter IV.

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