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The State Acquisition and Tenancy Act, 1950 (East Bengal Act)

( ACT NO. XXVIII OF 1951 )

Chapter X


Government to authorise Revenue-officer to take action under section 70
71. (1) It shall be competent to the Government to authorise any Revenue-officer to scale down the debts of rent-receivers in any area under section 70 and to take other actions required or permitted by that section.
(2) A Revenue-officer, authorised under sub-section (1), shall publish in the prescribed manner a notice calling upon every creditor to submit to him within a prescribed period and in a prescribed form a statement showing all debts of the nature referred to in sub-section (1) of section 70 owed to him by the rent-receivers in such area whose interests have been acquired under section 3 or section 44 and who have applied under sub-section (1) of section 70 for scaling down their debts and such other particulars as may be prescribed.
(3) A creditor who has failed to submit under sub-section (2), within the period referred to therein, the statement of any debt of the nature referred to in sub-section (1) of section 70, the liability of the debtor to pay such debt shall, notwithstanding anything contained in any other law for the time being in force, be deemed to be extinguished.
(4) After the expiry of the period referred to in sub-section (2), the Revenue-officer shall examine the statements of debts and other particulars submitted under that sub-section and shall, after giving the creditors and the debtors an opportunity of being heard and making such enquiries as he deems fit, make necessary modification in such statements.
(5) After a statement of debts has been examined and necessary modifications made therein under sub-section (4), the Revenue-officer shall proceed to scale down all debts shown in such statement as so modified in accordance with the provisions of section 70 and to take other actions in respect of such debts required or permitted by that section and in doing so and taking all other actions required or permitted by this Chapter the Revenue-officer shall follow such rules relating to procedure and other matters as may be made in this behalf by the Government.
(6) An appeal, if presented within a prescribed period, shall lie against an order passed by a Revenue-officer under this section to a Special Judge appointed under sub-section (4) of section 48; and the decision of the Special Judge and subject only to such decision and order of the Revenue-officer shall be final.
(7) A debt recoverable under this Chapter from the total compensation money payable to the debtor under a Compensation Assessment-roll or Compensation Assessment-rolls shall be so recoverable in the manner prescribed.

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