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The State Acquisition and Tenancy Act, 1950 (East Bengal Act)

( ACT NO. XXVIII OF 1951 )

Chapter XIV


Preliminary and final publication of table of rent-rates and its confirmation by the prescribed superior Revenue Authority
101. (1) When the Revenue-officer has prepared a table of rent-rates, he shall cause a draft of it to be published in the prescribed manner and for the prescribed period in the area or village to which it relates.
(2) Any person objecting to any entry in the table of rent-rates may present a petition to the Revenue-officer within thirty days from the first date of publication under sub-section (1), and the Revenue-officer shall consider any such objection and may alter or amend the table.
(3) If no objection is made within the said period or, where objections are made, after they have been disposed of, the Revenue-officer shall submit his proceedings to the prescribed Revenue Authority with a full statement of the grounds for his proposals together with all the necessary particulars and the existing rent-rates for each class of land and a summary of the objections (if any) which he has received.
(4) Such superior Revenue Authority may confirm a table submitted under sub-section (3), with or without modification, or may return it for revision.
(5) When a table of rent-rates has been confirmed by such superior Revenue Authority, the order confirming it shall be conclusive evidence that the proceedings for the preparation of the table have been duly conducted in accordance with this Act, and it may be presumed that the rates shown in the table for each class of land are fair and equitable rates payable for land of that class within the area to which the table applies.

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    The words “Provisions as to assessment, enhancement and reduction of rent” were substituted for the words “Provisions as to enhancement and reduction of rent” by section 5 of the East Pakistan Ordinance No. I of 1971.
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