The Air Force Act, 1953

( ACT NO. VI OF 1953 )

34. Offences in relation to the enemy and punishable with death

35. Offences in relation to the enemy and not punishable with death

36. Offences punishable more severely on active service than at other terms

37. Mutiny

38. Desertion and aiding desertion

39. Absence without leave

40. Striking or threatening superior officer

41. Disobedience to superior officer

42. Insubordination and obstruction

43. Fraudulent enrolment

44. False answers on enrolment

45. Unbecoming conduct

46. Certain forms of disgraceful conduct

47. Ill- treating a subordinate

48. Intoxication

49. Permitting escape of person in custody

50. Irregularity in connection with arrest or confinement

51. Escape from custody

52. Offences in respect of property

53. Extortion and corruption

54. Making away with equipment

55. Injury to property

56. False accusation

57. Falsifying official document and false declaration

58. Signing in blank and failure to report

59. Offences relating to courts-martial

60. False evidence

61. Unlawful detention of pay

62. Offences in relation to aircraft and flying

63. Other offences relating to aircraft and flying

64. Disobedience of lawful command of captain of aircraft

65. Violation of good order and Air Force discipline

66. Miscellaneous offences

67. Attempt

68. Abetment of offences that have been committed

69. Abetment of offences punishable with death and not committed

70. Abetment of offences punishable with imprisonment and not committed

71. Civil offences

72. Civil offences not triable by courts-martial

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