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The Air Force Act, 1953

( ACT NO. VI OF 1953 )

Chapter VIII


Deduction from pay and allowances of officers
90. Subject to the provisions of section 94, the following penal deductions may be made from the pay and allowances of an officer, that is to say:-
(a) all pay and allowances due to an officer for every day he absents himself without leave, or overstays the period for which leave of absence has been granted to him, unless a satisfactory explanation has been given to his commanding officer and has been approved by the Government;
(b) all pay and allowances for every day while he is under suspension from duty on a charge for an offence of which he is afterwards convicted by a criminal court or a court-martial or by an officer exercising authority under section 86;
(c) any sum required to make good the pay of any person subject to this Act which he has unlawfully retained or unlawfully refused to pay;
(d) any sum required to make good such compensation for any expenses, loss, damage or destruction occasioned by the commission of an offence as may be determined by the court-martial by whom he is convicted of such offence, or by an officer exercising authority under section 86;
(e) all pay and allowances ordered by a court-martial or an officer exercising authority under section 86 to be forfeited or stopped;
(f) any sum required to pay a fine awarded by a criminal court or a court-martial exercising jurisdiction under section 71;
(g) any sum required to make good any loss, damage or destruction of public or service property which, after due investigation, appears to the Government to have been occasioned by the wrongful act or negligence on the part of the officer;
(h) all pay and allowances forfeited by order of the Government if the officer is found by a board of inquiry constituted by the Chief of Air Staff in this behalf, to have deserted to the enemy, or while in enemy hands, to have served with, or under the orders of, the enemy or in any manner to have aided the enemy, or to have allowed himself to be taken prisoner by the enemy through want of due precaution or through disobedience of orders or wilful neglect of duty, or having been taken prisoner by the enemy, to have failed to rejoin his service when it was possible to do so;
(i) any sum required by order of the Government, which after due investigation appears to be reasonable, to be paid for the maintenance of his wife or his legitimate or illegitimate child, or towards the cost of any relief given by the said Government to the said wife or child.

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