The Town Improvement Act, 1953 (East Bengal Act)

( ACT NO. XIII OF 1953 )

Status of members, etc.

159. Members, etc., deemed public servant

Contributions towards leave allowances and pensions of Government servants

160. Contributions by Kartripakkha towards leave allowances and pensions of Government servants employed under this Act

161. [Omitted.]

Publication of Notification

162. Publication of notification under section 1 (2) in draft for criticism

Facilities for movement of the Population

163. Power of the Kartripakkha for facilitating movement of the population

Telegraph and Railways Acts

164. Savings

Legal Proceedings

165. Cognizance of Offences

166. Limitation of time for prosecution

167. Powers of Chairman as to institution, etc., of legal proceedings and obtaining legal advice

168. Indemnity to Kartripakkha, etc.

169. Notice of suit against Kartripakkha, etc.


170. Co-operation of the Police

171. Arrest of offenders


172. Proof of consent, etc., of Kartripakkha or Chairman or employee of Kartripakkha

173. [Omitted.]


174. General power of Kartripakkha to pay compensation

175. Compensation to be paid by offenders for damage caused by them

Public Notices and Advertisements

176. Publication of public notices

177. Publication of advertisements or notices in newspapers

Signature and service of notice or bills

178. Stamping signature on notices or bills

179. Service of notice how to be effected


180. Power to make surveys, or contribute towards their cost

Power of entry

181. Power of entry


182. Punishment for acquiring share or interest in contract, etc., with the Kartripakkha

183. Penalty for removing fence, etc., in street

184. Penalty for building within street alignment or building line

185. Penalty for failure to remove wall or building in respect of which agreement has been executed

186. Penalty for use of land in zone plan in contravention of section 74

187. Removal of unauthorised construction

188. Penalty for failure to comply with requisition made by auditor

189. Penalty for obstructing contractor or removing mark

Recovery of expenses

190.Removal of wall or building and recovery of expenses

Suspension or abolition, and re-imposition, of Municipal contributions.

191.Suspension or abolition and re-imposition of Municipal contributions

Control over, and Suspension of, the Kartripakkha

191A.Control over the Kartripakkha

191B. [Omitted]

Dissolution of Kartripakkha


193.Dues to be recoverable under Public Demands Recovery Act, 1913

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