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The Town Improvement Act, 1953 (East Bengal Act)

( ACT NO. XIII OF 1953 )

Chapter III


Vesting in Corporation or Paurashava of streets laid out or altered, and open spaces provided by the Kartripakkha under an improvement scheme
66. (1) If the Corporation or Paurashava, on being called upon to take over any street under section 65, are satisfied that such street has been completed in accordance with the plans sanctioned by the Government under section 50, they shall, after informing the Kartripakkha of their intention to do so, by written notice affixed in some conspicuous position in such street, declare the street to be a public street and the street shall thereupon vest in the Corporation or Paurashava and shall thenceforth be maintained, kept in repair, lighted and cleansed by the Corporation or Paurashava:
Provided that the Corporation or Paurashava may agree to take over any street subject to any conditions or the execution of further works by the Kartripakkha in the said street.
(2) If the Corporation or Paurashava fail to take over any street within a period of six months from the date when called upon to do so by the Kartripakkha under section 65 and fail to inform the Kartripakkha of their reason for non-compliance with the Kartripakkha’s resolution, the street shall automatically vest in the Corporation or Paurashava as if all the procedure under sub-section (1) had been fulfilled.
(3) When any open space for purposes of ventilation or recreation has been provided by the Kartripakkha in executing any improvement scheme or re-housing scheme, it shall, on completion, be transferred to the Corporation or Paurashava by a resolution of the Kartripakkha, and shall thereupon vest in, and be maintained at the expense of the Corporation or Paurashava:
Provided that the Corporation or Paurashava may require the Kartripakkha before any such open space is so transferred, to enclose, level, turf, drain and lay out such space and provide foot-paths therein, and, if necessary, to provide lamps and other apparatus for lighting it.
(4) If any difference of opinion arises between the Kartripakkha and the Corporation or Paurashava in respect of any matter referred to in the foregoing provisions of this section, the matter shall be referred to the Government whose decision shall be final.

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