1The Contract Act, 1872

( ACT NO. IX OF 1872 )

Contracts which must be performed

37. Obligation of parties to contracts

38. Effect of refusal to accept offer of performance

39. Effect of refusal of party to perform promise wholly

By whom Contracts must be performed

40. Person by whom promise is to be performed

41. Effect of accepting performance from third person

42. Devolution of joint liabilities

43. Any one of joint promisors may be compelled to perform Each promisor may compel contribution Sharing of loss by default in contribution

44. Effect of release of one joint promisor

45. Devolution of joint rights

Time and Place for Performance

46. Time for performance of promise where no application is to be made and no time is specified

47. Time and place for performance of promise where time is specified and no application to be made

48. Application for performance on certain day to be at proper time and place

49. Place for performance of promise were no application to be made and no place fixed for performance

50. Performance in manner or at time prescribed or sanctioned by promisee

Performance of Reciprocal Promises

51. Promisor not bound to perform, unless reciprocal promisee ready and willing to perform

52. Order of performance of reciprocal promises

53. Liability of party preventing event on which the contract is to take effect

54. Effect of default as to that promise which should be first performed, in contract consisting of reciprocal promises

55. Effect of failure to perform at fixed time, in contract in which time is essential

Effect of such failure when time is not essential

Effect of acceptance of performance at time other than that agreed upon

56. Agreement to do impossible act

Contract to do act afterwards becoming impossible or unlawful

Compensation for loss through non-performance of act known to be impossible or unlawful

57. Reciprocal promise to do things legal, and also other things illegal

58. Alternative promise, one branch being illegal

Appropriation of Payments

59. Application of payment, where debt to be discharged is indicated

60. Application of payment, where debt to be discharged is not indicated

61. Application of payment where neither party appropriates

Contracts Which Need Not be Performed

62. Effect of novation, rescission and alteration of contract

63. Promisee may dispense with or remit performance of promise

64. Consequences of rescission of voidable contract

65. Obligation of person who has received advantage under void agreement or contract that becomes void

66. Mode of communicating or revoking rescission of voidable contract

67. Effect of neglect of promisee to afford promisor reasonable facilities for performance

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