1The Christian Marriage Act, 1872

( ACT NO. XV OF 1872 )

2♣An Act to consolidate and amend the law relating to the solemnization of the marriages of Christians.
WHEREAS it is expedient to consolidate and amend the law relating to the solemnization of the marriages of persons professing the Christian religion; It is hereby enacted as follows:-



1. Short title Extent

2. [Repealed]

3. Interpretation-clause

4. Marriages to be solemnized according to Act

5. Persons by whom marriages may be solemnized

6. Grant and revocation of licenses to solemnize marriage

7. Marriage Registrars

Senior Marriage Registrar

Magistrate when to be Marriage Registrar

8. [Omitted]

9. Licensing of persons to grant certificates of marriage between Native Christians

10. Time for solemnizing marriage


11. Place for solemnizing marriage

Fee for special license

12. Notice of intended marriage

13. Publication of such notice

Return or transfer of notice

14. Notice of intended marriage in private dwelling

15. Sending copy of notice to Marriage Registrar when one party is a minor

16. Procedure on receipt of notice

17. Issue of certificate of notice given and declaration made

18. Declaration before issue of certificate

19. Consent of father, or guardian, or mother

20. Power to prohibit by notice issue of certificate

21. Procedure on receipt of notice

22. Issue of certificate in case of minority

23. Issue of certificates to Native Christians

24. Form of certificate

25. Solemnization of Marriage

26. Certificate void if marriage not solemnized within two months

27. Marriages when to be registered

28. Registration of marriages solemnized by Clergymen of Church of England

29. Quarterly returns to Archdeaconry

Contents of returns

30. Registration and returns of marriages solemnized by Clergymen of Church of Rome

31. Registration and returns of marriages solemnized by Clergymen of Church of Scotland

32. Certain marriages to be registered in duplicate

33. Entries of such marriages to be signed and attested

34. Certificate to be forwarded to Marriage Registrar, copied and sent to Registrar General

35. Copies of certificates to be entered and numbered

36. Registrar to add number of entry to certificate, and send to Registrar General

37. Registration of marriages between Native Christians by persons referred to in clauses (1), (2) and (3) of section 5

Custody and disposal of register-book

38. Notice of intended marriage before Marriage Registrar

39. Publication of notice

40. Notice to be filed and copy entered in Marriage Notice Book

41. Certificate of notice given and oath made

42. Oath before issue of certificate

43. [Omitted]

44. Consent of father or guardian

Protest against issue of certificate

Effect of protest

45. Petition where person whose consent is necessary is insane, or unjustly withholds consent

Procedure on petition

46. Petition where Marriage Registrar refuses certificate. Procedure on petition

47. [Omitted]

48. Petition when Registrar doubts authority of person forbidding

Procedure on petition

49. Liability for frivolous protest against issue of certificate

50. Form of certificate

51. Solemnization of marriage after issue of certificate

52. When marriage not had within two months after notice, new notice required

53. Marriage Registrar may ask for particulars to be registered

54. Registration of marriage solemnized under Part V

55. Certificates to be sent monthly to Registrar General.

Custody of register-book

56. [Omitted]

57. Registrars to ascertain that notice and certificate are understood by Native Christians

58. Native Christians to be made to understand declarations

59. Registration of marriages between Native Christians

60. On what conditions marriages of Native Christians may be certified

61. Grant of certificate

62. Keeping of register-book and deposit of extracts therefrom with Registrar General

63. Searches in register-book and copies of entries

64. Books in which marriages of Native Christians under Part I or Part III are registered

65. Part VI not to apply to Roman Catholics Saving of certain marriages

66. False oath, declaration, notice or certificate for procuring marriage

67. Forbidding, by false personation, issue of certificate by Marriage Registrar

68. Solemnizing marriage without due authority

69. Solemnizing marriage out of proper time, or without witnesses

Saving of marriages solemnized under special license

70. Solemnizing without notice or within fourteen days after notice, marriage with minor

71. Issuing certificate, or marrying without publication of notice; marrying after expiry of notice; solemnizing marriage with minor within fourteen days without authority of Court, or without sending copy of notice; issuing cert

72. Issuing certificate after expiry of notice, or, in case of minor, within fourteen days after notice, or against authorized prohibition

73. Persons authorized to solemnize marriage (other than Clergy of Churches of England, Scotland or Rome);

issuing certificate or marrying, without publishing notice, or after expiry of certificate;

issuing certificate for, or solemnizing, marriage with minor, within fourteen days after notice;

issuing certificate authorizedly forbidden;

solemnizing marriage authorizedly forbidden

74. Unlicensed person granting certificate pretending to be licensed

75. Destroying or falsifying register-books

76. Limitation of prosecutions under Act

77. What matters need not be proved in respect of marriage in accordance with Act

78. Correction of errors

79. Searches and copies of entries

80. Certified copy of entry in marriage-register, etc., to be evidence

81. Certificates of certain marriages for Government

82. Government to prescribe fees

83. Power to make rules

84. [Omitted]

85. Power to declare who shall be District Judge

86. [Omitted]

87. Saving of Consular marriages

88. Non-validation of marriages within prohibited degrees