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The Power Alcohol Ordinance, 1959

( Ordinance NO. LIX OF 1959 )

2. In this Ordinance, unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or context-
(a) “molasses” means the heavy dark coloured residual syrup drained away in the final stage of the manufacture of sugar by vacuum pans in sugar factories either from sugarcane or by refining gur, when such a syrup has fermentable sugars (expressed as reducing sugars) but does not include the final residual left in the manufacture of sugar by the open pan process;
(b) “petrol” means dangerous petroleum as defined in clause (b) of section 2 of the Petroleum Act, 1934;
(c) “power alcohol” means ethyl alcohol containing not less than 99.5 per centum by volume of ethanol measured at sixty degrees Fahrenheit corresponding to 74.4 over proof strength.

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