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The Warehouses Ordinance, 1959 (East Pakistan Ordinance)

( Ordinance NO. LXVI OF 1959 )

Chapter II


Precaution against rats, pests and infected goods
12. (1) Every warehouse-man shall keep his warehouse clean and in a sanitary condition and take all necessary precautions against rats and other pests which are likely to cause damage or injury to any of the agricultural produce stored in the warehouse.
(2) Every warehouse-man shall take out a policy of Insurance in respect of the agricultural produce stored in his warehouse against loss or damage by fire, flood, theft, riot, civil commotion or any other act of providence.
(3) No warehouse-man shall accept for storing in his warehouse agricultural produce which is contaminated or infected by worms and pests and which is likely to cause damage to other agricultural produce stored in the warehouse.
(4) The Government may, by notification in the official Gazette, make rules for the keeping of the warehouse in clean and sanitary condition and for regulating the manner in which books and records are to be maintained by the warehouse-man.

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