The Pure Food Ordinance, 1959 (East Pakistan Ordinance)

( Ordinance NO. LXVIII OF 1959 )

6. Prohibition of manufacture or sale of food not of proper nature, substance or quality

6A. Prohibition of sale or use of poisonous or dangerous chemicals, intoxicated food colour, etc.

7. Prohibition of manufacture or sale of food not of proper standard of purity

8. Standard of purity of milk or skimmed milk or condensed milk or sterilised milk or desiccated milk

9. Standard of purity of butter

10. Standard of purity of ghee

11. Standard of purity of wheat flour

12. Standard of purity of mustard or any other rape seed oil

13. Standard of purity of any other article of food

14. Prohibition of manufacture or sale of anything similar to or resembling an article of food

15. Absence of knowledge as to the character and composition of an article of food is no defence

16. Prohibition of keeping adulterants in places where food is manufactured or sold

17. Prohibition of sale of diseased animals and unwholesome food intended for human consumption

18. Prohibition of use of false labels

19. Prohibition of false advertisements

20. Conditions in which warranty may be pleaded as defence21. Registration of certain premises

21.Registration of certain premises

22. Special provision for sellers of ice-cream, aerated water, etc.

23. Prohibition of the keeping of bread-stuffs, etc., otherwise than in covered receptacles

24. Provisions relating to premises and part of premises used for manufacture and sale of food

25. Certain diseased person not to manufacture, sell or touch food

26. Bye-laws with respect to the handling, wrapping and delivery of food

27. Bye-laws with respect to dairies and milk supply

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