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The Pure Food Ordinance, 1959 (East Pakistan Ordinance)

( Ordinance NO. LXVIII OF 1959 )

Chapter III


Power of Courts to direct analysis
32. Notwithstanding anything contained in section 31 or in any other law for the time being in force, in any inquiry, trial or proceeding under this Ordinance-
(1) the Court, whether exercising its original, appellate or revisional jurisdiction and whether of its own motion or on the application of the complainant or the accused, may cause any article of food, or ingredient used in the manufacture thereof or substance capable of being so used, to be sent for analysis to the Director of Public Health Laboratory, Bangladesh, or to such other person as the Government may appoint by general or special order in this behalf.
(2) the said Director or person, as the case may be, shall analyse the article, ingredient or substance so sent, and shall submit to the Court a report specifying the result of the analysis and also specifying when so called upon by the Court whether any substance or ingredient in any article of food is innocuous or not;
(3) the said report shall be admissible in evidence in such Court; and
(4) the cost of such analysis shall be paid by the complainant or the accused, as the Court may direct.

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