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The Chartered Accountants Ordinance, 1961

( Ordinance NO. X OF 1961 )

Chapter III


Functions of the Council
15. (1) The duty of carrying out the provisions of this Ordinance shall be vested in the Council.
(2) In particular, and without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing provision, the duties of the Council shall include-
(a) the examination of candidates for enrolment and the prescribing of fees therefore;
(b) the regulation of the engagement and training of articled and audit clerks;
(c) the prescribing of qualifications for entry in the Register;
(d) the recognition of foreign qualifications and training for purposes of enrolment;
(e) the granting or refusal of certificates of practice under this Ordinance;
(f) the maintenance and publication of a Register of persons qualified to practise as chartered accountants;
(g) the levy and collection of fees from members, examinees and other persons;
(h) the removal of names from the Register and the restoration to the Register of names which have been removed;
(i) the regulation and maintenance of the status and standard of professional qualifications of the members of the Institute;
(j) the carrying out, by financial assistance to persons other than members of the Council or in any other manner, of research in accountancy;
(k) the maintenance of a library and publication of books and periodicals relating to accountancy;
(l) the exercise of such disciplinary powers over the members and servants of the Institute as may be prescribed;
(m) the formation of such Standing Committees as may be prescribed; and
(n) such other powers as may be conferred on the Council by the Government.

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