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The Navy Ordinance, 1961

( Ordinance NO. XXXV OF 1961 )

Chapter III


Eligibility for employment
10. No person who is not a citizen of Bangladesh shall except with the consent of the Government signified in writing, be eligible for appointment or enrolment in the Bangladesh Navy.
Appointment and commission
11. (1) Officers other than subordinate officers shall be appointed by commission by the President.
(2) Subordinate officers shall be appointed in such manner and shall hold such rank as may be specified in the regulations.
Enrolment and Junior Commission
12. (1) The terms and conditions of service of 1[sailors], and the manner and procedure of their enrolment shall be such as may be specified in the regulations.
(2) No person shall be enrolled as a sailor in the Bangladesh Navy for an initial period of engagement exceeding such period as may be prescribed.
(3) Notwithstanding anything contained in any other law for the time being in force,-
(a) the enrolment of any person under this Ordinance shall be binding on him both during his minority and after he attains majority;
(b) neither the parent or guardian of a minor duly enrolled under this Ordinance nor any other person shall be entitled to claim custody of the said minor as against the Government or any of its officers or other persons set over him.
(4) and (5) [Omitted by section 7 of the Navy (Amendment) Act, 2016 (Act No. XXVI of 2016).]
Validity of Enrolment
13. Every person who has for the space of three months been in receipt of pay as a person enrolled under this Ordinance and been borne on the books of any naval ship or naval establishment shall be deemed to have been duly enrolled and shall not be entitled to claim his discharge on the ground of any irregularity or illegality in his enrolment or on any other ground whatsoever; and if any person in receipt of such pay and borne on the books as aforesaid claims his discharge before the expiry of three months from his enrolment, no such irregularity or illegality or other ground shall, until he is discharged in pursuance of his claim, affect his position as an enrolled person under this Ordinance or invalidate any proceedings, act or thing taken or done prior to his discharge.
14. Every sailor shall, on completion of prescribed period after enrolment, make and subscribe before his commanding officer or any prescribed officer, an oath or affirmation in the prescribed form.

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    The word “sailors” was substituted for the word “ratings” by section 3(c) of the Navy (Amendment) Act, 2016 (Act No. XXVI of 2016).
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