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The Survey Act, 1875

( ACT NO. V OF 1875 )

Government may order survey
3. The Government may, whenever it shall think fit, order that a survey shall be made of the land situated in any district or in any part of a district or in any specified tract of country, and that the boundaries of estates, tenures, mouzas or fields be demarcated on the lands so to be surveyed 1[.* * *]
Government may appoint Superintendent of Survey
4. For the purpose of carrying out any survey directed to be made under the last preceding section, or for any or all of the purposes of this Act,
the Government may appoint a Superintendent of Survey, who may exercise all or any of the powers of a Collector under this Act;
and may appoint one or more Assistant Superintendents and Deputy Collectors, who shall exercise all the powers of a Collector in respect to such matters under this Act as may be delegated to such Assistant Superintendents or Deputy Collectors respectively by the Collector or Superintendent of Survey, and not otherwise:
Provided that, notwithstanding the appointment of a Superintendent of Survey for any tract of country, 2[it shall be competent to the Board of Land Administration to] direct that the Collector shall perform any duties under the Act within the said tract.
Collector to publish proclamation before entering on lands
5. Before entering on any lands for the purpose of a survey the Collector shall cause to be published a proclamation addressed to the occupants of the lands which are about to be surveyed and of the conterminous lands, and to all persons employed on or connected with the management of, or otherwise interested in, such lands, calling upon them to attend, either personally or by agent, before the Collector or any officer authorized by the Collector in that behalf, at such places and at such times as shall be stated in such proclamation, during the demarcation and survey of the land, for the purpose of pointing out the boundaries and of rendering such aid as may be necessary in setting up or repairing such boundary marks as may be required, and of affording such assistance and information as may be needed for the purposes of this Act.
Such proclamation shall be published by posting a copy thereof-
at the Court of the Judge and at the office of the Collector of every district within which any portion of the lands about to be surveyed may be known to be situated;
at every subdivisional office, police-station, Munsif's Court and sub-registrar's office within the jurisdiction of which any portion of the land about to be surveyed may be known to be situated;
at one or more mal-cutcheries on each estates;
and at such other place or places as to the Collector may seem fit.
Collector may enter upon land
6. After issue of a proclamation as aforesaid, the Collector and any person acting under his authority may enter upon such lands, and do all things and make all inquiries necessary for effecting the survey and demarcation of the boundaries thereof.
Collector may serve special notice
7. The Collector may also, by a special notice, require any such person to attend before or before any person authorized by the Collector in that behalf, within a specified time, which shall not be less than fifteen days after the service of the notice, at any places, for any of the purposes aforesaid; any every person on whom such special notice may be served shall be legally bound to attend as required by the notice, and to do any of the things mentioned in section 5, and to give any information which may be required, so far as he may be able to give it.
Collector to pay price of materials or labour supplied
8. When any materials or labour shall have been supplied for any of the purposes mentioned in section 5, the Collector or other officer making a requisition under that section shall forthwith cause the price of such materials or labour to be paid to the person by whom the same were supplied.
Collector may require occupants to clear boundary lines
9. The Collector or other survey-officer authorized by the Collector in that behalf may, by a special notice, require any occupant to clear any boundary or other line which it may be necessary to clear for the purposes of the survey, by cutting down and removing any trees, jungle, fences or standing crops.
10. If any demand for compensation be made in respect of the clearance of any line in accordance with a requisition under the last preceding section, the Collector shall ascertain and record the nature and estimated value of any trees, jungle, fences or standing crops which may have been cut down or removed, and shall offer adequate compensation to the owners thereof, together with payment for all expenses incurred in carrying out the said requisition.
Amin or survey-officer to call upon persons to sign maps or papers
11. When the demarcation of a village or other convenient tract has been completed, the amin or other survey-officer shall, before sending in to the Collector the maps and papers relating thereto,
by a general notice, in which the names of all persons required to appear shall be specified, and which shall be posted up at a convenient place in the village or tract,
call upon all persons who have pointed out any boundaries in such village or tract on behalf of those interested to attend before him within three days of the publications of the said notice for the purpose of inspecting the maps, field books and similar papers in which any boundary pointed out by any such person has been represented, and, by signing such maps and papers, to certify that the boundaries have been laid down in accordance with the boundaries pointed out by them;
and every person so called upon shall be legally bound to attend before such amin or survey-officer, and to inspect the papers, in accordance with such requisition.
Statement of objections
Any person so called upon who may object to sign the maps and papers as aforesaid shall be required to state his objections in writing, and such statement shall be attached to the record of the demarcation of the village or tract and shall be submitted to the Collector together with the maps and papers.
Effect of signature
The signature affixed to any maps or papers under this section shall be in attestation of the fact that the boundaries thereon represented or any of them have been represented in accordance with those pointed out by the person signing ; and the affixing of such signature shall not be held to prejudice the right of any person interested to make any objection to such boundaries on any other ground before the Collector under the next succeeding section.
On receipt of maps, Collector to post notification in office
12. On receipt in the Collector's office of the maps or papers showing any boundaries which have been demarcated, the Collector shall cause a notification to be posted in his office, and in such other places as he may think proper, informing all persons concerned that the maps and papers relating to the boundaries in the village or tract specified are open to inspection; and requiring any person who may have any objections to prefer, to prefer such objections within six weeks of the date of the posting of such notification, after which time the Collector will proceed finally to confirm the boundaries as laid down for the purpose of the survey.
Collector when to issue special notice
Whenever the Collector shall have reason to believe (either from the failure of any person interested or his representatives to sign the maps and papers on the spot when required by the survey-officer to do so under the last preceding section, or for any other reason) that any zamindar or person interested is likely to object to any boundary as laid down or as represented in the said papers,
the Collector shall issue a special notice, requiring such zamindar or other person to attend personally or by duly authorized agent before him, or before any person authorized by the Collector in that behalf, within a specified time, which shall not be less than one month after the service of the notice, for the purpose of signing and thereby admitting the correctness of any maps or other papers which have been prepared under this Act in respect of any boundary in which such zamindar or other person is interested, or of stating in writing the substance of any objection which he may wish to prefer against the correctness of such maps or papers;
and, if any person so summoned shall fail to attend and to sign the said maps or papers, or to give in a written statement of his objections within the time prescribed, the Collector may proceed finally to confirm the boundaries as represented in such maps and papers, for the purposes of the survey and of this Act:
If agent deposits expenses of making copies, Collector to order them to be prepared
Provided that, if within the time specified any such duly authorised agent deposits with the Collector the necessary expenses of making copies of the said maps or papers, the Collector shall order such copies to be prepared, and as soon as they are prepared shall cause a notice to that effect to be posted at his office, and the said agent shall be allowed such time as may be specified in such notice, not being less than fifteen days from the posting thereof, for the purpose of signing or of giving in a written statement of objections.
Procedure when objection is stated
When a written statement of objections has been given in, as in this section provided, the Collector, after holding any further inquiry which he may deem necessary, shall pass such order in respect of such objections as to him shall seem fit; and, if the objections shall seem to him not to be well-founded, shall direct that all expenses of such further inquiry, and all expenses entailed on any other person by such inquiry, shall be recovered from the person who made the objection.
Person making subsequent objection may be required to deposit costs of further inquiry
13. Whenever any person, having failed to sign the maps and papers, or to give in his objections in writing within the time prescribed by the notification or by the special notice mentioned in the last preceding section, shall, at any time before the Collector has finally confirmed the boundaries for the purposes of the survey, prefer any subsequent objection against the correctness of any maps or papers in respect of which notification or notice was issued,
the Collector shall require him to deposit the estimated costs of any further inquiry which it may be necessary to make in respect of his objection;
and, if the said person shall fail to deposit such costs within the time specified by the Collector, he shall be deemed for all purposes of this Act to have admitted the correctness of the said maps and papers.
If the costs of any inquiry which may be deemed necessary be deposited, the Collector shall make such further inquiry at the expense of the person so objecting; and, if the objection shall seem to the Collector not to be well-founded, he may pass such order as he shall think fit in respect of the recovery from the objector of any sum expended by the Collector on the inquiry in excess of the sum deposited, and of any necessary expenses incurred by any other persons on account of such inquiry:
Provided that no person so making an objection after the prescribed time shall, under any circumstances, be entitled to recover the expenses which he is required to deposit before any further inquiry is made in respect of such subsequent objection.

  • 1
    The full-stop was substituted for the colon and thereafter the proviso was omitted by section 4 of the Survey (Amendment) Act, 1975 (Act No. XXVI of 1975)
  • 2
    The words "it shall be competent to the Board of Land Administration to" were substituted, for the words "the Government may" by section 4 and Schedule of the Laws (Amendment) Ordinance, 1982 (Ordinance No. XLI of 1982)
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