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The Survey Act, 1875

( ACT NO. V OF 1875 )

Collector may erect temporary Boundary-marks
14. The Collector may cause to be erected temporary boundary-marks of such materials, and in such number and manner, as he may direct, on any lands to be surveyed under this Act;
and may require any occupant of land to maintain and keep in repair such marks or any boundary-marks,
until any survey operation shall be concluded and a final award given as to any disputed boundary, or
until permanent boundary-mark may be erected in lieu thereof as hereinafter provided.
Collector may erect permanent boundary-marks
15. The Collector may at any time cause to be erected on any land which is to be, or which has been, surveyed under this Act, permanent boundary-marks of such materials, and in such number and manner, as he may determine to be sufficient to distinguish the boundaries of the estates, tenures, mouzas or fields for which the same are to be erected:
Specification of marks and estimate of cost to be posted
Provided that, seven days before he proceeds to the erection of any permanent boundary-marks, the Collector shall, for the information of all concerned, cause to be posted in his office, and in the mal-cutcharry or at some other convenient place on every estate concerned, a specification of the number and character of the marks which he proposes to erect on the estate and an estimate of their cost.
Apportionment of expenses
16. All expenses incurred by the Collector in erecting temporary or permanent boundary-marks under this Act, shall, in manner hereinafter provided, be apportioned among, and levied from, the zamindars and tenure-holders on their estates:
Provided that no tenure-holder shall be liable to pay any portion of the expenses incurred by the erection of boundary-marks on an estate, unless some portion of his tenure is situated within fifteen hundred feet of some such boundary-mark.
Rent-free lands deemed part of tenure
17. All lands held without payment of rent, not being entered on the Collector's register of revenue-free tenures of the district, shall, for the purposes of this Act, be deemed to form a part of the tenure within the local boundaries of which they may be included; and if they be not included within the local boundary of any tenure, then to be a part of the estate within the local boundaries of which they are included, and if they be not included within the local boundaries of any one estate, then to be a part of such conterminous estate as the Collector in whose district such conterminous estate is situated shall, by an order under his seal, appoint:
Provided that no rent-free holding of which the annual value is less than five taka shall be liable to pay any portion of the expenses of erecting boundary-marks under this Act.
Procedure when occupant fails to maintain boundary-mark
18. If any occupant on whom a requisition has been made under section 14 fails to maintain or keep in repair any temporary boundary-mark, the Collector may maintain, keep in repair or restore any such boundary-mark, and the expenses thereby incurred shall be recovered as provided in section 57 from the person so failing to maintain or keep in repair any such boundary-mark.
Zamindar, etc., bound to preserve boundary-marks and give notice to Collector when injured
19. Every zamindar, tenure-holder and farmer of land shall be legally bound to preserve, as far as lies in his power, such of the permanent boundary-marks lawfully erected on his estate, tenure or farm, or on the boundary between his estate, tenure or farm, and any other estate, tenure or farm, as may be assigned to him in that respect entirely, or jointly with other persons, under the provisions of section 29, and shall give immediate notice to the Collector if any such marks are injured, destroyed or removed, or require repairs.
Collector may re-erect injured boundary-marks and recover expenses from zamindars, etc.
20. Whenever it shall come to the notice of the Collector that any permanent boundary-mark erected under the provisions of this Act has been injured, destroyed or removed, or requires repairs, the Collector may cause such boundary-mark to be re-erected, restored or repaired, and may recover any expenses incurred in respect of such re-erection, restoration or repair, in such proportions as he shall think fit, from the zamindars and tenure-holders to whom such boundary-mark may have been assigned in that respect under the provision of section 29; and all such expenses shall be recoverable as provided in section 57.
Collector may cause boundary mark to be erected by occupant of land with his consent
21. Nothing contained in this Act shall be held to prohibit the Collector from causing any temporary or permanent marks to be erected, maintained or repaired by any occupant of land under the directions of the said Collector, and with the consent of such occupant.
The Collector shall repay to such occupant the expenses incurred in such erection or repair, and such expenses shall be apportioned and recovered as provided in Part IV.

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