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The Survey Act, 1875

( ACT NO. V OF 1875 )

Collector when to issue special notice
Whenever the Collector shall have reason to believe (either from the failure of any person interested or his representatives to sign the maps and papers on the spot when required by the survey-officer to do so under the last preceding section, or for any other reason) that any zamindar or person interested is likely to object to any boundary as laid down or as represented in the said papers,
the Collector shall issue a special notice, requiring such zamindar or other person to attend personally or by duly authorized agent before him, or before any person authorized by the Collector in that behalf, within a specified time, which shall not be less than one month after the service of the notice, for the purpose of signing and thereby admitting the correctness of any maps or other papers which have been prepared under this Act in respect of any boundary in which such zamindar or other person is interested, or of stating in writing the substance of any objection which he may wish to prefer against the correctness of such maps or papers;
and, if any person so summoned shall fail to attend and to sign the said maps or papers, or to give in a written statement of his objections within the time prescribed, the Collector may proceed finally to confirm the boundaries as represented in such maps and papers, for the purposes of the survey and of this Act:

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