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The Agricultural Development Corporation Ordinance, 1961 (East Pakistan Ordinance)

( Ordinance NO. XXXVII OF 1961 )

Chapter IV


Powers regarding improvement of communications
18. In order to improve communications in and around a Project Area, the Corporation may-
(a) subject to any conditions it may deem fit to impose,-
(i) guarantee the payment from the funds at its disposal, of such sums as it may deem fit, by way of interest on capital expended on the construction, maintenance or working any means of communication; and
(ii) make such payments as it may deem fit from the said funds, by way of subsidy to persons undertaking to provide, maintain and work any means of communications:
Provided that no guarantee or subsidy shall be made without the previous sanction of the Government; or
(b) either singly, or in combination with any other person, construct, maintain and work any means of communication subject to the provisions of any law applicable thereto; or
(c) construct or widen, strengthen or otherwise improve roads and bridges, subject to the provisions of any law applicable thereto.

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