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The Agricultural Development Corporation Ordinance, 1961 (East Pakistan Ordinance)

( Ordinance NO. XXXVII OF 1961 )

Chapter IX


Procedure upon opposition to execution by occupier
60. (1) If, after receiving information of the intention of the owner of any building or land to take any action in respect thereof in compliance with a notice issued under this Ordinance, the occupier or tenant refuses to allow such owner to take such action, the owner may apply to a Magistrate.
(2) The Magistrate, upon proof of such refusal, may, by order in writing, require the occupier or tenant to give the owner reasonable facility for executing such works, with respect to such building or land, as may be necessary for compliance with the notice, and may also, if he deems fit, order the occupier or tenant to pay to the owner the costs relating to such application or order.
(3) If, after the expiration of eight days from the date of the Magistrate's order, the occupier or tenant continues to refuse to allow the owner to execute such work the occupier or tenant shall be liable upon conviction, to a fine which may extend to twenty five taka for every day during which he has so continued to refuse.
(4) Every owner, during the continuance of such refusal, shall be discharged from any penalties to which he might otherwise have become liable by reason of his default in the execution of such works.

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