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The Waqfs Ordinance, 1962 (East Pakistan Ordinance)

( Ordinance NO. I OF 1962 )

Chapter III


Administrator may take over waqf property by notification
34. (1) Notwithstanding anything contained elsewhere in this Ordinance, or in any other law for the time being in force, or in any decree or order of any Court, or in any deed or instrument, the Administrator may, by notification in the official Gazette, take over and assume the administration, control, management and maintenance of any waqf property, including any Shrine, dargah, imambara or other religious institution appertaining to such waqf property.
(2) As soon as may be after the publication of the notification under sub section (1), the Administrator shall cause a notice to be served on the mutawalli of the waqf property specified in such notification requiring him to make over, by a specified date, the possession of the waqf property together with all papers relating thereto; and if the mutawalli fails to make over possession by the specified date, the Administrator may apply to the Deputy Commissioner who shall evict the mutawalli and make over the possession of the waqf property to the Administrator.
(3) The Administrator may manage the waqf property taken over by him under sub section (1) through any officer subordinate to him or by an agent or official mutawalli or, if he considers necessary, by appointing a managing committee in the case of a shrine, dargah, imambara or other religious institutions.
(4) If a managing committee is appointed under the provisions of sub section (3), the mutawalli of the waqf property concerned, the manager or Sajjada nashin, if there be one, and the Deputy Commissioner or his representative, shall be among the members thereof; and the President and the Secretary of each such committee shall be appointed by the Administrator from among the members of the committee.
(5) The officer or agent or official mutawalli or the managing committee appointed under sub section (3) for the management of any waqf property taken over by the Administrator under sub section (1), shall frame a scheme for the administration of such waqf property as nearly as possible in conformity with the wishes of the waqif and the terms and conditions of the waqf and in accordance with the provisions of this Ordinance subject to the approval of the Administrator who may make such modifications in the scheme as he considers necessary.
(6) The Administrator shall maintain a complete record of all waqf properties taken over by him under sub section (1), and shall keep accounts of income and expenditure of such property including the expenditures on the administration and his establishment for such purpose, in such manner as may be prescribed; and all moneys received or realised by the Administrator in respect of such properties under his control and management shall be credited to the Waqf Fund.

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