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The Waqfs Ordinance, 1962 (East Pakistan Ordinance)

( Ordinance NO. I Of 1962 )

Chapter IX


Administrator may institute suit or proceeding regarding a waqf
83. If there is no mutawalli or the mutawalli refuses or neglects to act in the matter, within a reasonable time, the Administrator may, in his own name, institute a suit or proceeding in a Court against a stranger to the waqf or any other person-
(a) for the establishment of right, title and interest in a waqf property, or
(b) for confirmation of possession in a waqf property, or
(c) for the recovery of any waqf property wrongfully possessed, alienated or leased, or
(d) for having any waqf property discharged of an encumbrance or obligation wrongfully created, or
(e) for the recovery of any money belonging to waqf, or
(f) for any other relief in the interest of a waqf he may consider necessary.

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