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The Control of Employment Ordinance, 1965

( Ordinance NO. XXXII OF 1965 )

Functions and powers of the Board
5. (1) The functions of the Board shall include collection of information relating to employment in industrial undertakings and availability of persons therefore, and to control and distribution of, and taking measures to make persons available for, such employment:
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(2) For the purpose of sub-section (1), the Board may-
(a) require any person or industrial undertaking to furnish or cause to be furnished, such information and in such manner and form as it may specify;
(b) take measures, or cause measures to be taken, by any industrial undertaking or other competent authority, to ensure that the required number of persons is available for employment in such undertaking;
(c) require any person to undertake any essential work he is competent to do;
(d) prohibit any person from accepting any employment or offer of employment;
(e) control or regulate the employment in any industrial undertaking;
(f) regulate the relinquishment of employment by, and the dismissal of, any person employed in any industrial undertaking;
(g) order the release, transfer, interview, training or test of skill of any person employed or to be considered for employment in any industrial undertaking;
(h) prohibit persons employed or engaged in any essential work from leaving the work or absenting themselves from duty or slowing down or otherwise impeding their output;
(i) lay down the terms and conditions of service of persons employed, or to be employed, in any industrial undertaking;
(j) authorise any of its members or officers to enter upon, inspect and search any premises occupied by any industrial undertaking and to ask for and examine any document relating to such undertaking and to require any person employed or found therein to furnish any information relating thereto;
(k) authorise any of its officers or any persons employed in a managerial or supervisory capacity in any industrial undertaking to test therein the technical skill of such persons as the Board may, by order in writing, direct and require any such undertaking to afford reasonable facilities for such test;
(l) require any industrial undertaking to maintain such books of accounts and records and in such form as it may direct; and
(m) require the employment exchanges to issue call up notices.

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