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The Control of Employment Ordinance, 1965

( Ordinance NO. XXXII OF 1965 )

Obligation to comply with the order or direction of the Board, etc.
6. (1) Where the Board makes any order or gives any direction requiring any person or industrial undertaking to furnish any information or document or to afford any facility or to take any measure or to do or refrain from doing anything, such persons and, in the case of an industrial undertaking, the owner, director, manager, secretary or other officer or agent thereof competent for the purpose, shall subject to the other provisions of this section comply with such order or direction.
(2) Any person or industrial undertaking aggrieved by an order or direction of the Board may prefer an appeal against such order or direction to the Government or to such officer or authority as the Government may appoint, and the decision of the Government or such officer or authority, as the case may be, shall be final.
(3) Failure or neglect to comply with any order or direction of the Board or, where an appeal is preferred under sub-section (2), with the final decision thereon shall be an offence under the Ordinance.

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