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The Cantonments Pure Food Act, 1966

( ACT NO. XVI OF 1966 )

33. No suit, prosecution or other legal proceedings shall lie against any person for anything which is in good faith done or intended to be done in pursuance of any provision of this Act or any rule, order or direction made or given thereunder.
Inspector, etc., to be public servant
34. An Inspector while performing any of his functions under this Act and all other persons assisting him in the performance of such functions shall be deemed to be public servants within the meaning of section 21 of the 1[* * *] Penal Code.
Power to make rules
35. (1) The Government may, by notification in the official Gazette, make rules for carrying out the purpose of this Act.
(2) In particular and without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing power, such rules may provide for all or any of the following matters, namely:-
(a) the standards, specifications, normal constituents and quality of food;
(b) the qualifications of persons who may be appointed Public Analysts for the purpose of this Act;
(c) the regulation of appointment and qualifications of persons to be appointed as Inspectors;
(d) the methods of analysis to be followed by Public Analysts for the analysis of any food and the form of the certificate;
(e) the fees to be paid in respect of the analysis of any food by a Public Analyst;
(f) the prohibition of use of any particular matter or ingredient in the preparation or manufacture of any food;
(g) the conditions (including the addition of a colour or any other substance) subject to which any food shall be prepared, manufactured, kept, stored, sold or offered or exposed for sale;
(h) the prohibition of keeping or storage for sale of foods other than those approved under the rules;
(i) the cleanliness and freedom from contamination of any food in the course of its preparation, manufacture, storage, packing, carriage, delivery or exposure for sale, and the cleanliness or places, receptacles, packages, wrappings, appliances and vehicles used in such preparation, manufacture, storage, packing, carriage or delivery;
(j) the method in which labels shall be affixed, languages in which the labels shall be printed, and the symbols which shall be used for different kinds of foods;
(k) the manner in which, and the conditions subject to which, a licence is to be granted under section 11;
(l) the form of the register to be kept under section 12 and the particulars to be entered therein;
(m) the conditions for the maintenance of a dairy and the supply of dairy products;
(n) the authorisation of a person taking a sample of milk or any other food for the purpose of analysis to add preservatives to such sample for maintaining it in a suitable condition for the analysis, and the nature and method of addition of such preservatives;
(o) the prohibition of use or addition as a preservative or additive of any article, material or substance in the preparation or manufacture of any food for sale;
(p) the fees for the grant of a licence under section 11;
(q) the fees for obtaining a health certificate under section 13;
(r) the fees to be deposited in Court for summoning a Public Analyst;
(s) the manner in which a perishable food offered for sale shall be protected from contamination; and
(t) any other matter which is to be or may be prescribed.

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