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The Cantonments Pure Food Act, 1966

( ACT NO. XVI OF 1966 )

Food poisoning
13. (1) If a Health Officer or an Inspector has reason to suspect that any food or any vessel or utensil with which food may come in contact is likely to cause food poisoning (acute, or cumulative) by chemical or bacteriological action, he may take a sample of such food or the vessel or utensil for analysis under this Act, and if he takes a sample, give notice to the person in charge of the food that, until the result of the analysis is known, the food or any specified portion thereof shall not be used for human consumption, and shall be kept or removed in the manner specified in the notice.
(2) If a Health Officer has reason to suspect that tuberculosis is likely to be caused by the consumption of milk supplied from any dairy or other source, he may, by notice to the person in charge of such dairy or source, prohibit the supply of milk from that dairy or source:
Provided that where, in the case of a dairy or other source, the Health Officer is of the opinion that certain remedial measures would effectively prevent the milk supplied from that dairy or source from being the cause of tuberculosis, the Health Officer shall,-
(a) while issuing a notice prohibiting the supply of milk from such dairy or source, require the person in charge thereof to carry out such remedial measures as may be specified in the notice, and
(b) upon the application of the person in charge after he has carried out such remedial measures, cancel the notice.
(3) If a person is, in the opinion of the local authority, suffering from any communicable disease, the local authority may, by notice to such person, prohibit him from preparing, manufacturing, selling or offering to sell any article of food for human consumption until he obtains a certificate from the Health Officer to the effect that he is free from any communicable disease and produces such certificate to the local authority.
(4) A Health Officer may, by notice to any person handling articles of food in any hotel, restaurant, sweetmeat shop, or any other public eating place, require him to obtain and keep in his possession a health certificate from a Health Officer to the
effect that he is free from any communicable disease and to get it renewed from year to year, till such time as he continues so to handle such articles.
(5) Every person to whom a notice under this section has been given shall comply with such notice.

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