The Irrigation Act, 1876

( ACT NO. III OF 1876 )

6. Notification when water-supply to be applied for public purposes

7. Powers of canal-officer

8. Notice as to claims for compensation

9. Contents of notice

Notice to occupiers

10. Power to require statements as to name and interests

Penalty for failure to comply

Persons required to make statements legally bound to do so

11. Damage for which compensation shall not be awarded

Matters in respect of which compensation may be awarded

Compensation for loss of tolls lawfully levied

Diminution in market-value to be considered

12. Compensation for loss of drinking water

13. Limitation of claims

14. Inquiry into claim and tender of compensation

Power to summon witnesses

15. Postponement of inquiry

16. Award in case of compensation being agreed on

Award to be filed and to be evidence

17. Collector to refer matter to Court when compensation not accepted

18. Collector to record particulars in certain cases

And to place amount of compensation in deposit

19. Objections to amount of compensation fixed by Collector

20. Procedure in making reference

21. Procedure on receipt of reference under section 17

22. Particulars of apportionment to be specified

23. Disputes as to apportionment


24. Determination of proportion


25. Payment of compensation

26. Government not liable to further claim

27. Liability of person receiving compensation not affected

28. Abatement of rent on interruption of water- supply

29. Enhancement of rent on restoration of water-supply

30. Compensation when due Interest

Collector may invest amount deposited or awarded in Government securities

31. No compensation in respect of prior works

32. Service of notice

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