The Irrigation Act, 1876

( ACT NO. III OF 1876 )

46. "Person" defined

47. Register of village- channels to be kept

Extension or branch of village- channel to be registered

Canal-officer may register as one village channel section including portions lying within two or more villages

48. Person may acquire existing village-channel by agreement

49. Construction of new village-channel

50. Application by person desiring construction of new village-channel

51. Procedure when canal-officer considers construction of village-channel expedient.

Notice to person wishing to be joint owner

52. Collector to acquire land

53. Procedure after construction of village-channel

54. Canal-officer may direct transfer of village-channel

55. Person may be admitted joint owner of existing village- channel

56. Canal-officer to fix sums payable on transfer or acquisition of joint ownership

57. Canal-officer may fix rent for a village-channel, transferred

58. Ownership of village-channel

59. Obligation and right of owner of village-channel

60. If owner of village-channel, fails to execute work or repair canal-officer may do so

61. Resignation of ownership

62. Owner may transfer interest

63. Procedure on death of owner of village-channel

64. Procedure when person applies for registration in lieu of deceased owner

65. Interest of owners equal, unless unequal interest registered

66. Supply of water to person not owner

67. Canal-officer may authorize supply

68. Canal-officer to fix rent of village-channel

69. Owner of village-channel receiving supply through another deceased village-channel

70. Instalments in which rent is payable

71. Canal-officer to pay no more than amount collected

72. Land acquired not to be used for other purpose

73. Dues how recovered

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