The Antiquities Act, 1968

( ACT NO. XIV OF 1968 )

An Act to consolidate and amend the law relating to the preservation and protection of antiquities. 1

WHEREAS it is expedient to consolidate and amend the law relating to the preservation and protection of antiquities;
AND WHEREAS the national interest of Bangladesh in relation to the achievement of uniformity within the meaning of clause (2) of Article 131 of the Constitution requires Central legislation in the matter;
It is hereby enacted as follows:-



l. Short title, extent and commencement

2. Definitions

3. Advisory Committee

4. Dispute as to whether any product, etc., is an antiquity

5. Custody, preservation, etc., of ownerless antiquity

6. Power of entry, inspection, etc.

7. Acquisition of land containing antiquities

8. Purchase, taking lease etc., of antiquity

9. Right of pre-emption in case of a sale of antiquity

10. Declaration of protected antiquities

11. Representation against declaration of protected antiquities

12. The guardianship of antiquity by agreement

13. Purchasers at certain sales and persons claiming through owner bound by agreement entered into by owner

14. Custody etc., of antiquity of which owner not traceable

15. Application of endowment for maintenance and preservation of antiquity

16. Compulsory acquisition of protected immovable antiquity

17. Protection of place of worship from misuse etc.

18. Restriction on use of protected immovable antiquity

19. Prohibition of destruction, damage etc., of antiquities

20. Penalty for counterfeiting etc., of antiquity

21. Dealing in antiquities

22. Export of antiquities

23. Prohibition of movement of antiquity

24. Regulation of mining and quarrying

25. Prohibition of archaeological excavation without licence

26. Prohibition of making copies of protected antiquities without licence

27. Right of access to protected immovable antiquities

28. Jurisdiction to try offences

29. Confiscated antiquates to be made over to Director

30. Indemnity

31. Power to make rules

32. [Omitted.]