The Customs Act, 1969

( ACT NO. IV OF 1969 )

158. Power to search on reasonable ground

158A. Conferring certain Powers of Magistrate 1st Class on Customs officers

159. Persons to be searched may desire to be taken before gazetted officer of Customs or Magistrate

160. Power to screen or X-Ray bodies of suspected persons for detecting secreted goods

161. Power to arrest

162. Power to issue search warrant

163. Power to search and arrest without warrant

164. Power to stop and search conveyances

165. Power to examine persons

166. Power to summon persons to give evidence and produce documents or things

167. Persons escaping may be afterwards arrested

168. Seizure of things liable to confiscation

169. Things seized how dealt with

170. Procedure in respect of things seized on suspicion by the police

171. When seizure or arrest is made, reason in writing including inventory to be given

172. Power to detain packages containing certain publications imported into Bangladesh

173. Procedure for disposal by [High Court Division] of applications for release of package so detained

174. Power to require production of order permitting clearance of goods imported or exported by land

175. Power to prevent making or transmission of certain signals or messages

176. Power to station officers in certain factories

177. Restriction or the possession of goods in certain areas

178. Punishment of persons accompanying a person possessing goods liable to confiscation

179. Power of adjudication

180. Issue of show-cause notice before confiscation of goods or imposition of penalty

181. Option to pay fine in lieu of confiscated goods

182. Vesting of confiscated property in the Government

183. Levy of penalty for departure without authority or failure to bring-to

184. Power to try summarily

185. Special powers for Magistrates

186. Detention of goods pending payment of fine or penalty

187. Burden of proof as to lawful authority, etc.

188. Presumption as to documents in certain cases

189. Notice of conviction to be displayed

190. Power to publish conviction

191. Imprisonment may be of either description

192. Duty of certain person to give information

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